About the WNY Food Hub

Eden Valley Growers (EVG) is opening their doors to new produce growers interested in selling through wholesale market channels!  Known as the Western NY Food Hub, this business diversification will provide qualified growers with immediate access to wholesale markets.  Based in Erie County, EVG is a vegetable growing farm cooperative that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  Recognizing the increasing demand for locally grown food and the considerable assets the cooperative has, both in terms of infrastructure, sales and marketing, we are eager to provide Western NY farmers with a viable market for their produce.

  • Access to sell through a stable, well-rooted produce co-op
  • Well established customer base serving all of Western NY and the East Coast
  • Expert sales and marketing department and distribution of your product
  • State of the art cooling equipment, to include vacuum, forced air and hydro cooling
  • A good price for your product
  • Quick pay and collections-we will take away the burden of chasing down your money
  • Discounts on farm supplies, such as produce boxes, field plastic, drip tape, soil, etcetera
  • The ability to spend your time doing what you enjoy-FARMING!

  • Certified organic
  • Fruit
  • Root crops
  • Specialty/niche crops
  • Ethnic crops
  • The items you grow, even if not specifically listed
1.   Get your Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.s) certification.
       EVG/Western NY Food Hub and Cornell Cooperative Extension
       will help you with this.
2.   Learn packing standards accepted by the produce markets.
       EVG/We stern NY Food Hub and Cornell Cooperative Extension
       will help you with this.
3.   Good communication with EVG/Western NY Food Hub on
        availabilities and quantities.
4.   Timely delivery of product to EVG/Western NY Food Hub based
       on orders and needs.
5.   $2 million liability insurance coverage.
6.    Be able to supply a 30 case minimum.

Eden Valley Growers/Western NY Food Hub Contact:
Keith Baskerville  716-992-9721
Cornell Cooperative Extension Contact:
Cheryl Thayer  cbt32@cornell.edu



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