Farm Supplies

Eden Valley Growers can supply farms participating in the WNY Food Hub with a variety of farm and growing materials and supplies at favorable costs given the large volume of items purchased by Eden Valley.  The following are the materials available:  

  • Peat Moss and Growing Mixes–BM series of BERGER Mixes
  • Masterblend International Water Soluble Fertilizer Solutions
  • Plastic Mulch–Clear, Black, White; various lengths
  • Compostables–Green Thermal, Black Q-Film, Black SOLAFILM, Clear Maze, Black/Silver
  • Containers–Test stock, bins, Broccoli boxes/bins, Cabbage boxes/bins, Corn boxes/bags, Cuke boxes, Display paks, Kale boxes, Lettuce boxes/bushels, Pepper/Tomato/Grape Tomato boxes, Clamshells, Geranium trays
  • Labels
  • Additional products available upon request

For more information and prices, contact Eden Valley Growers at 716-992-9721

Manufactured with care, the BM series of BERGER mixes provides you with a multitude of variations to meet your specific requirements. Whether it be a BM1 mix offering a higher level of aggregates or a BM2 Germination mix, Eden Valley partnered with Berger can provide you with the best quality that will meet your satisfaction. The base for professionals!

Water Soluble Fertilizer Solutions
Eden Valley is the supplier for MASTERBLEND Water Soluble Fertilizer’s that provide the highest level of balanced nutrition available coupled with 100% solubility. Chelated micronutrients free of excess salts and other chemical impurities ensure optimal delivery of nutrients to your plants.


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